‘It’s a joke’: China’s ‘bizarre’ popcorn factory to open in Urumqi

A Chinese popcorn production plant is set to open a factory in Uumqi in southern China’s far eastern Xinjiang province, state media reported Wednesday.

The facility, which is being built by Huiyang, will produce up to 15 million tons of “juice-coating powder” a year, according to state media, citing a state-run news agency.

Huiyanga is one of China’s most successful producers of popcorn.

The company has also been involved in manufacturing other products such as “bamboo rice” and “mangrove salad,” as well as “china-inspired cooking” for the Chinese elite, according the report.

The Huiyange factory is expected to open by April, according Xinhua.

The Xinjiang provincial government has long been criticized for its poor quality standards, and a recent investigation found that the company’s production facilities had been used to produce counterfeit products.

The Urumqa area is home to about 300,000 Uighurs and ethnic Uighur residents, making it one of the most ethnically diverse regions in China.

The region has been plagued by violence, including the 2013 killing of Uighu student Han Yang, who was kidnapped in Uighura and held captive for seven months.

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