How the world’s most popular food is made in factories

In a video posted to Facebook, the video’s caption explains how the food is grown, prepared and distributed in factories in the United States.

According to the video, this is the first time we have a factory video of this scale.

The video shows the workers in the factory using a metal pole to lift heavy bags and boxes into place, and then dropping them into a conveyor belt that transports them to a conveyer system that takes them to the next floor.

In one section, the workers are shown putting their hands in a bucket and using their fingers to lift the bags into the conveyor.

In another, they use a ladder to push heavy bags into a bucket, while another worker lifts the boxes onto a conveyors that takes the bags back to the conveyors.

In each case, the worker carries the bags with their bodies, and in some cases, the bags have weights attached to them.

It’s unclear exactly how many workers were involved in the manufacturing process, but according to the factory, the number is around 200 people.

In the video posted on Facebook, employees also use metal rods to lift boxes into the first floor of a factory, and the workers then take the boxes and boxes out of the factory and onto conveyor belts that take them to an assembly line.

In some instances, the boxes were stacked so that they had a height of five to six feet (1.3 to 1.8 meters), and the floor of the assembly line was so wide that it was almost impossible for a person to walk across it.

The workers also use a metal rod to lift a box into the floor, and workers also take the box out of a conveyance and place it in a container.

Workers then put the container onto a truck, and it takes them about three hours to move the boxes into a warehouse.

The final video shows workers putting the boxes back into the factory.

The videos, which were uploaded to Facebook on Thursday, were filmed at an industrial complex in the town of Largo, North Carolina.

The plant is located near the North Carolina state line, and according to The Associated Press, it is a relatively new factory that started operations in 2011.

In 2013, the company announced that it would expand to a larger factory, which is where the new video was filmed.

The new factory will employ more than 1,000 people.

The factory was previously known as the Largo-Wake County facility, and Largo Mayor David Foltz said in a statement that the video “underscores the incredible work that goes into manufacturing our food and bringing it to the market, and will bring more people to the Larger Wake County and surrounding communities.”