Success factory packages China’s first new brands

Chiang Mai, Vietnam — With a new brand named after a successful package factory, China’s factories have found their niche.

With China’s manufacturing output at a five-year high, new brands are finding a niche in the market and expanding into other markets.

“With China increasing their manufacturing capacity and the growth in China’s population, the demand for packages is higher than ever,” said a senior manager at a Chinese-owned package manufacturer.

While there’s no specific benchmark for success factories in China, they can produce a package that is more than 1,000 grams and sell for less than $30 to $40.

They are also more flexible with what products they make, which means the prices are higher and more competitive.

“We are looking for the right brand, with the right quality, that we can offer to the market, and that will be a great asset for us,” said Zhang Gui, a manager at the packaging factory.

The new brand, called New Package Factory, is the latest example of a factory opening up in the country’s booming manufacturing sector.

“The success of our factory has become a good example for our business,” said Wang Ying, a former manager at one of the factories, adding that the company has been growing every year for the past five years.

New Package Factory has about a dozen employees, but has expanded to about 400 now.

Its new name reflects its focus on innovation and quality.

The factory has produced over 10,000 packages for brands including Starbucks and LG, and is building a new factory in Beijing to produce the new models.

The first new brand to be built in China was the company that manufactures the products used in the new Samsung smartphone.

Wang says they’re still waiting for the new model to be released, but the company will produce and ship it to customers in the coming weeks.

The factories have a wide range of products, from a variety of packages to specialty brands like B.G.M. and H.T.A. and other products.

But the biggest draw is the high quality.

“They have the best quality materials, they have the finest quality equipment, and the best materials,” said Cao Guiwei, a factory manager.

“You can expect everything from the design to the finishing.

They have the technology to do it.”