How to Save Your Favorite Items at Costco

AUSTIN, Texas — If you’ve been shopping at Costco for the last few years, you’ve probably noticed that some items are often packed in the same container as their more expensive counterparts.

AUSTIN-based Costco has been working to make its warehouse easier for shoppers to save on their favorite items.

“The idea is to be as open and honest with our shoppers as we can,” Costco spokesman Aaron Miller said.

According to Costco’s online store, its warehouse is “designed for Costco members to save money and find what they need without having to make long-term decisions.”

It’s the same approach Costco uses at other retailers, including Target and Walmart.

The company has also been working with local grocery stores to provide more options for customers.

In October, Costco partnered with the Greater Austin Food Bank to offer shoppers a discount coupon code to get 10% off items from local stores.

And the company is looking to expand its grocery program to include more Costco items.

In the meantime, some shoppers are getting a taste of what Costco is doing by buying their favorite goods from the company.

I like Costco’s shopping experience, but I can’t live without them.

–Sara, Austin, TX, USShopMyLuxury, Costco shopperSince Costco opened in 2008, the company has expanded its grocery offerings, offering more than 1,600 items for sale to its members.

Costco offers shoppers a wide range of groceries and more than 30 categories of packaged foods.

Among those categories is a large variety of specialty food items.

Some items, like fresh fruit, meat and dairy, are available only at Costco stores.

Others, like baked goods and meatballs, are only available at Costco.