Kentmere: Packaging Factory Returns to Kentmere

Posted by Kentmere on Monday, February 15, 2021 06:10:46Kentmere, Ohio (AP) Kentmere, the maker of the Kentmere brand of chewing gum, said Monday it has returned to Kentucky for the first time in more than 40 years.

The company, the birthplace of the popular chewing gum line, said it had about 400 people at its plant in Kentmere at the time the factory shut down in 2016.

Kentmere had not said how many employees had been laid off or how much it lost in 2016, but the company said it has had to trim the workforce to make way for the reopening of its plant.

Kentmeisters owners had hoped to make the factory more environmentally friendly, but they said the plant was now far more difficult to operate than it was at the start of the manufacturing process.

Kentemeisters CEO Steve DeRozan said the factory is being redesigned, but no timeline has been set for that.

KentMeisters CEO Steven DeRuzan said his company was looking for ways to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Kentmester was once the largest producer of chewing gums in the United States.

It was the company’s largest shareholder in 2017.

The Kentmere plant was the world’s largest in terms of the volume of products made there, according to the company.

Its annual production was about 4.3 million pounds.