How to build a factory in less than three hours: An Indian startup’s factory

A Delhi-based company that is using 3D printing to create a manufacturing process in less time than a single assembly line is making its first batch of packages in the country.

The startup, Bharat Packaging Factory, was founded by Shashank Kumar, a software engineer who is a founder of software development company Nandtech, and Arun Kumar, who is an associate professor of computer science at IIT-Kharagpur.

The company, which uses a 3D printer for its packaging process, says it has already processed 10,000 packages.

The product is packaged and shipped to its manufacturing partner, a shipping logistics company.

Bharat Package Factory says it is the first Indian company to offer packages for less than 10 rupees ($0.01) per unit.

The process is more cost-effective than the traditional method of packing which requires a full assembly line.

The process can be used to produce goods at a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing.

The company is using a 3-D printer, called a “machinery,” to create the packaging.

It has already made 1,000 containers and is planning to make another 100, which will be shipped to the packaging partner.

The cost per unit is about 3.8 rupees.

“It costs us about 20 cents to produce one unit of the packaging,” said Kumar.

The packaging is packed in plastic containers and then wrapped and sent to the manufacturing partner.

“The packaging was produced using a process that is simpler, quicker and cheaper than the usual manufacturing process,” said Shashan Thakur, managing director of BharatpackagingFactory.

The two are partners in a joint venture with a logistics company called Bharat Shipping Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The partnership is working to reduce costs and reduce the time of packaging and distribution.

“This is a big step for our company and it will be a big hit for our customers,” said Thakum.

The business is expected to be in operation by the end of March, said Tharkur.

The packaging process is also used to manufacture other products.

The package is wrapped in plastic and sent through a delivery company.

“We are also going to introduce other packaged products.

We are currently working on other products like coffee, tea, soft drinks and other beverages,” said Bhaskar Ramakrishnan, CEO of Bharatiya Packaging Solutions Pvty Ltd.