How to Make a Perfect Hairball in 5 Minutes

The video above is by the beauty brand Huhtamaka packaging factory in Japan.

The company makes cosmetics for all sorts of different brands and also sells some of its own.

In the video, the company’s chief product designer, Shigehiro Matsuyama, explains how to make a hairball that is both moisturizing and aesthetically pleasing.

We’ll let the video speak for itself:1.

Apply a thin layer of the formula onto your hair and then use a brush to shape the hair into a ball.2.

Apply the product onto your body and then apply it onto your hands and feet.3.

After the hairballs are on your hands, you can wear them.

The hairballs can also be layered on top of one another.4.


Huahtamakas packaging factory has been producing its hairballs for over two decades.

They were first made for Shibuya cosmetics, which was acquired by Hausa Beauty in 2007.

However, in 2014, Huhtama announced plans to switch its business to manufacturing cosmetics.

In order to make the hairball formula for its cosmetics, the manufacturer has created a new packaging process that is unique to its product.

The manufacturing process is similar to what you’d find in a hair-care facility: The company uses plastic wrap to wrap the ingredients in a gel, which is then mixed with water.

Then, the product is rolled into balls, which are placed into a plastic bag and wrapped in a plastic sheet.

Huhtamanas packaging company’s first hairball product, the first product to be launched on the company, is the Beauty Ball 1.

The product is meant to be applied on the head, and it was the first to come out of the factory.

But, it also has other functions, like providing a natural texture for the hair.

For the beauty ball, the team took the original hairball from the hair ball factory and modified it to include a hair gel, a cream, and a pomade.

The packaging factory’s new product line is called Hair Ball Beauty.

It will include five different types of hairballs: a cream-like texture, a gel-like one, a liquid pomace, and even a hair oil.

The new product will be available for purchase in March.