What’s in your container of agar?

Posted June 05, 2018 12:07:55Agar is a plant material that can be used as a manufacturing substrate for the manufacture of a wide variety of products.

In Australia, agar is grown commercially in a variety of growing methods.

The primary purpose of agars production is to provide food and fibre for human consumption.

Agar is made by removing water, sugar and fat from the plant material, using a mixture of chemicals and chemicals salts.

The products produced can be processed into a wide range of products including: agar products, agate, agro-cement, agrotech, fibre and glass.

Agar is also used to produce paper, plastics, pharmaceutical products and biofuels.

In 2017, Australia had the highest rate of deforestation in the world, with a staggering 17.6 per cent of the world’s forest area being cleared for agriculture.

Agri-farms in Australia produce over $1 billion in annual revenue, with most of the agar produced in Australia being used for food and other non-food uses.

The primary goal of agribusiness in Australia is to reduce the environmental footprint of their operations by using agar to create food and feed.

In fact, agribUS has reported a decrease in the amount of land being used in agriculture in Australia since 2013, with the majority of agri-sides being reclaimed.

The agri sector employs approximately 15,000 people, and contributes more than $1.7 billion to the Australian economy.

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