Fine packages factory opens in Malaysia

Fine packages manufacturing company Malay Siamong, based in Malaysia, has opened its first factory in the country to create premium and premium packaging for the sports memorabilia industry.

The factory, located in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, is expected to be operational by early next year.

It is the first facility of its kind in Southeast Asia and will be the first such facility of this type to be established in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Malay Sports Memorabilia Factory CEO, Kian Fong, said the company is committed to building an international product and packaging factory.

He added that the company will invest in expanding its capacity in the next six months.

“This is an investment in our future.

We have already established a presence in Europe and the United States.

We will work hard to expand this brand in other countries as well,” Fong said.

Malaysia’s first-ever sports memoreria factory will employ 2,000 workers, with the factory expected to employ 50-60 people.

The sports memoriera industry is growing at an impressive rate, with an estimated 6.4 million pieces of memorabilia produced in Malaysia every year, according to the government.

The country has over 30,000 licensed sports memorabelles, with over 10 million pieces being produced annually.

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