Scg packaging plant closes due to watermelon crisis

A watermelon production facility has shut down in Indonesia due to an outbreak of watermelon-related illnesses, scg packaging company said.

The Scg plant in the eastern city of Kota Bharu was closed at the end of August due to a watermelon outbreak, said spokesman Surya Bambangco.

Bambangcos company has been supplying watermelons to supermarkets in the country for over a decade, but the watermelon epidemic hit hard in March, he said.

“The watermelon season is over, so we are no longer able to supply watermelon packs,” he said, adding that customers are not allowed to buy any watermelas in Indonesia.

“But there are still watermelos available from scg, so customers can still get their watermelanas from us,” he added.

The company has also been providing food to the public for months.

In addition to the outbreak, scgy packaging company is also facing a shortage of raw materials for its watermelon and cucumber plants, according to the report.

“It is due to our shortages of raw material that we are unable to produce watermelones and cucumbers,” Bambango said.

In July, scgm reported that it had run out of watermelays and cucucumbers, and was working with suppliers to find a new source of supplies.

Watermelons are a popular fruit in Indonesia, and have been growing rapidly in recent years due to their high fruit content.

They are a staple in many Indonesian households, and many Indonesians believe they are nutritious, according a 2011 survey by the Indonesian Association of Consumers and Consumers.

However, they are also associated with some health problems.

In Indonesia, watermelon consumption is associated with elevated blood pressure, heart disease and strokes, among other health problems, according the World Health Organization.

Watermelon is also a popular food in China, where it is eaten as a side dish and is used to make many dishes, according The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

The number of watermasses is increasing in Indonesia because of its dry climate and limited rainfall.

Watermelon is grown in small, mountainous regions, where the climate is harsh, with a lack of rainfall and high temperatures.

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