Why Christmas is the most important holiday in the UK

By The Sport Bibles teamThe most important Christmas holiday of all is probably to go to the cinema, and that’s exactly what’s happening in Britain.

The film industry has been enjoying a great boom in recent years, with a massive resurgence in ticket sales for Christmas and Easter.

The most popular Christmas films in 2016 were the sci-fi adventure, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and the family-friendly drama The Lego Movie.

There were also huge releases from the British TV and film industries, with BBC Two’s The Handmaid’s Tale becoming a smash hit for the network and the first series of the BBC One show The Thick of It earning rave reviews.

But now, the big studios are pushing back, with the BBC axing its annual Christmas extravaganza after only one year.

That has been a shock to many, with some calling the cancellation “a big loss for the UK’s Christmas industry”.

It is no longer the big cinema chains that have been making Christmas special, it’s the small independent shops, said Andy Davies, CEO of the Independent Film Market Association (IFMA).

“If you go to any of the independent shops that I see and see the Christmas box office and the Christmas lights and you have an independent cinema, they will be absolutely devastated.

They will be crying,” he said.”

It’s going to be absolutely devastating.”

But it is not just big studios that are facing the axe.

In addition to the big box office, independent cinema chains are facing huge costs as well, with ticket sales and marketing costs running at a staggering £6 billion in the last financial year.

The Independent Cinema Alliance is calling on the UK government to help them out by raising the money for Christmas special spending.

“This is absolutely the most critical Christmas period for the industry,” said Simon Cooper, the alliance’s chief executive.

“We are not asking for any government intervention.

We are asking for a bit of help to support the small and medium-sized independent cinema industries in Britain, especially the smaller and more independent cinema operators.””

But the government has to do something to help the small cinema operators to be able to survive and be viable again,” he added.

And the Government, which has been in power since 1997, is not happy.

“The Government wants to see more independent cinemas shut down,” said an official with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), speaking on condition of anonymity.

“But we don’t want to see that happen in the next few years.”

A spokesperson for the Department said the government was “unable to respond to the industry’s needs in a timely and cost-effective manner”, while stressing that the department was committed to supporting small cinemas.

But independent cinema owners and distributors, including Davies and Cooper, are urging the government to act quickly, arguing that the Government has a huge amount of work to do to support independent film companies.

“I think the Government is just not ready to help these small cinemacies, especially in the current climate,” Cooper said.

“We know that the small cinematics are the heart of the industry, and I don’t think it’s fair for the Government to just shut them down when they are already struggling.”

They’ve lost millions of pounds and they’re trying to survive on their own.

“A spokesperson with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), who was not available for comment, said that the government would not be making any comment on the matter.”

Our Government is determined to help small businesses grow and to provide the support that they need to thrive and flourish.””

We are keen to encourage and support small cinema businesses to expand their business, to create new jobs and to increase their revenues.”

Our Government is determined to help small businesses grow and to provide the support that they need to thrive and flourish.

“A number of independent cinemacies have already faced difficulties in recent months, with distributors and the film industry all warning that the UK was on the brink of a recession, with more than 60% of cinemas being in deficit and more than 200 cinemas closed.

A number have even announced plans to close, while the majority are not closing at all.

For many of those that have made it through the tough times, the closure is a huge blow.”

You feel like you’re wasting it.” “

I don’t know what you’re supposed to do with your time.

You feel like you’re wasting it.”

For others, the closing is a way to move on from the years of trauma and depression that have caused so much pain and suffering.

“Christmas is the hardest holiday in my life,” said Paul Pugh, who runs a theatre in the small town of Newbury.

“Because it’s so hard, I can’t spend time with friends.

I’ve lost friends.”

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