How to make Lego packaging for the NHS

As an emergency response to the outbreak of coronavirus in the UK, we’re creating plastic packaging for all of the NHS departments that we have been tasked with responding to, says Mark Waddington, head of design at Lego.

“It’s about getting people home and staying safe.

We’re working closely with NHS staff to understand how to make the best plastic packaging possible.”

This is a first for us, but we’ve already seen the positive feedback from some of our partners around the world, so we’re very excited to get rolling.

“A kit for the National Health Service is pictured, and is being made in the NHS, according to Lego.

Source: Lego via The IndependentThis year, Lego will release a range of packaging materials for hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the United States and Canada, including a range for the American military.

The Lego kit is the first kit to be made from plastic.”

It’s not about a simple piece of plastic, but the real beauty of this kit is that it is an amalgamation of plastic and other materials.

We know that the plastic materials we use have a high impact on the environment,” Waddock said.”

We wanted to make sure the kit would have a very high impact in terms of what we put in it.

“We wanted it to have a sustainable and durable look and feel, so that it would last and be durable and flexible for use.”

The kit is made from a range from aluminium to polycarbonate to polyurethane.

It is a very low-tech piece of kit that’s meant to have the same level of impact on environment and health as other kits.””

The Lego kits are made in small batches of 100 per cent polyester and polyethylene.

We use an advanced manufacturing process, so there’s not a lot of cost in terms and the material used.””

There’s a lot more to the kit, but for now we can say it has the most impact of any Lego kit we’ve seen.

“The kit contains plastic components for the main elements of the building, such as a base, doors and windows.

It also includes removable blocks and decorative elements, including plastic trays, a small window and a small plastic table.

The kit also includes instructions for assembly.

The packaging will be available to purchase from the Lego store in the US and Canada.

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