Which Irish firms are making the biggest strides in reusing packaging?

The Irish Post can reveal that all of the major Irish companies involved in the re-use of packaging for food and drink are taking a bolder approach to the task.

A total of 5,000 tonnes of packaging from some of the biggest food manufacturers are being recycled in Ireland every week, the highest figure in the world.

This is despite the fact that some of them have already made a profit from re-using their packaging.

Some of these firms have a long-term relationship with the manufacturers and are therefore more able to understand the economics of reusing their product.

Others, like the multinational Coca-Cola Company, have been trying to shift their business model towards reusing more environmentally friendly packaging.

Last year, the Coca-cola Company launched a campaign to highlight the importance of packaging in helping to save the environment.

It has pledged to reuse at least 30 per cent of its packaging by the end of the year.

The success of this campaign has meant that some big food manufacturers in Ireland have now joined the reuse movement.

The Irish Government, which has been supporting the sector with money and resources for the past five years, has been keen to ensure that companies follow this trend.

There are other benefits to using the packaging.

The packaging industry in Ireland has a huge potential to benefit from a large increase in the use of reusable packaging.

The reuse of packaging can result in more environmentally-friendly packaging and also helps reduce waste.

This means that it reduces the carbon footprint of the packaging and contributes to a reduction in the overall impact of the food and beverage industry.

The use of recyclable packaging is not only important for the environment, but also for the economy.

It is the biggest contributor to the €1.2bn-a-year economy in Ireland.

Reusing and recycling is a key driver for the Irish economy.

It creates jobs, provides an environmentally-sustainable product and can reduce the environmental footprint of food and beverages.

This will be especially important for companies in the food, beverage and packaging industries.

The National Waste Recycling Council is the largest organisation in Ireland responsible for the reusing of waste.

It works with over 300 waste disposal companies across the country.

It supports the reusability of food packaging, which is important to the environment and for the health of people and animals.

It works to support and promote the reuse of waste management systems, packaging technology and the reforestation of waste and landfill sites.

The organisation supports companies in re-uses in all of its functions, from recycling and packaging, to supporting their operations and maintaining their environmental sustainability.

The reusable packaging industry is not just a new industry, but a huge industry.

Re-using the packaging of food can create more jobs in the Irish food and drinks sector and it also helps save money.

It can help reduce the amount of packaging that is wasted, which can also reduce the impact of waste, as waste can be disposed of at the end point.

There is also a potential for a further economic benefit as it reduces waste and reduces the cost of producing food and is also cheaper than producing food in the traditional fashion.

For example, in 2013-14, the cost to produce food in Ireland was around €4.2 billion.

The total cost of re-usable packaging is around €30,000 per tonne.

Reuse of the products that are made in Ireland is an important economic driver in Ireland and this will be a key focus of the reasearch and support that the Government is giving to the industry.

It also means that the Irish government can focus on ensuring that all sectors of the economy are fully supporting the remanufacturing of food in order to create more job opportunities for the people of Ireland.

It will also benefit the environment in the long run as the reworked packaging of our food and food packaging will help us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

The reusables in Ireland are a good example of the fact we are also using a new technology that will contribute to a sustainable future.

The Government is committed to supporting the Irish re-manufacturing industry, which will help ensure that the economy grows and creates more jobs for our people.

Reusable packaging and the green economyThe re-usables and the sustainability of our economy are intertwined.

The Irish Government has been working with the rehouse industry to ensure it is a sustainable business.

This means that rehouse and re-used packaging is one of the key industries to focus on.

There has been a significant increase in reusablity and sustainability over the last five years.

In 2016, over 200 companies re-moulded their packaging, making it more sustainable and sustainable for the future.

This included over 200 new factories, more than 500 re-houseings and a total of 2,500 re-shelters.

This has resulted in a huge increase in jobs for rehouse workers, which means that Ireland has increased its green economy and