How the Thai trademark agency protects its trademarks

A brand has registered a trademark for a product in Thailand, but the trademark agent in charge of approving such registrations in the country has a problem with the way the trademark is being used.

The trademark agent is not only the head of the trademark office in Bangkok, but also a member of the government’s Intellectual Property Bureau.

In a recent interview with News24, he told us that the government does not always follow the best practices in trademark registration and the agency has been “foolish” in the past when it comes to handling trademarks.

“The agency has a reputation for being a bit lazy, it is the same in all industries,” he said.

“So when a company gets registered, it’s a good idea to ask for some guidance, but I think it’s also a good practice to do a lot of research.”

A lot of companies, especially in the electronics industry, use the word ‘Sky’ or ‘Skybox’ for their product.

So we think it is a bit of a mistake, because the word Skybox is really quite generic and is also used for a lot more things.

“There are a lot products out there that use this word, so it is probably a mistake.”

It was only in May that the Thai government announced that it was moving forward with plans to rename SkyBox as the Sky Tower and add an entirely new trademark for SkyBox, a brand that was originally registered in the United Kingdom and was subsequently registered in Thailand.

“We’ve got a brand in Thailand that uses the word Tower,” he added.

“We think that is a good name for the product.”

The agency is not the only one to have problems with the trademark application process.

In July, the agency was fined an undisclosed amount for failing to properly register the trademarks of two brands in the Philippines and Vietnam.

This was not the first time the agency had problems with its registration process.

Last year, the government also registered the trademark for the company that made the ‘Kung Fu Panda 3’ movie, but this was not a legal name.

Instead, the trademark was used for the film’s trailer, which the agency believed was a parody of the Kung Fu Panda name.

The agency did not have any problem with trademark applications for ‘SkyBox’, ‘Sky Tower’ or other trademark names in Thailand and was even fined by the court for not doing so.

But the agency’s troubles may not be over.

In the latest batch of applications, the Thai agency was found to have violated a rule that says that the registration of trademarks must be done “by the person authorised by the Government”.

This means that the agency may have a case to answer in the Supreme Court.

In July, a court rejected a case by the agency, saying that it had not followed its own rules and that the trademark registration was “not valid”.

In its ruling, the court said that the court should give the agency time to come up with a plan to fix its own mistakes.

In the meantime, the ‘Sky Box’ brand could continue to be sold in Thailand under a different name, as its trademark registration expires in 2019.