Why the Juventus Adidas logo is a mess

Juventus are famous for their iconic kit and logo, but now they have another thing to look forward to.

The new Adidas kits will feature an image of the Juventus logo that doesn’t exist.

According to the Juventus site, the new kit is based on the one worn by Juventus’ former coach, Marco Ancelotti, when he took over the club in 2004.

This year, the club also unveiled the new Adidas kit, which has a black and white colour scheme, and is white with black stripes.

It has a red and white logo, with the word “Juventus” in gold letters above the words “Livorno”.

The Adidas website says the new shirt has the same design as that worn by Ancelot’s side, but has an updated colour scheme and the word Juventus on the sleeve.

This article first appeared on Football Italian and was reproduced with permission.