The most popular package factory in Thailand is no longer available for use

The most recent iteration of the popular package building website has been closed due to a serious security breach, according to the company’s blog post.

The security breach was discovered on January 7, according the blog post which also said that “security breaches are a part of our business and we are working to prevent them from happening in the future”.

“The company has been contacted by multiple security agencies and we have already implemented a complete security review to make sure nothing malicious or maliciously obtained is released,” the blog read.

“The security review process includes taking a close look at the company, its users, and all our vendors to ensure the integrity of our platform and our services.”

The blog post also said the company was “committed to being a safe and secure workplace”.

“Our goal is to ensure that every person on our team is fully trained, comfortable and confident to perform their job safely and efficiently,” it read.

A screenshot of the security breach on January 8.

The blog said that the security review will be completed within a week and that “all security breaches are fixed as soon as possible”.

“We have been working to mitigate the security threat for the past year and will continue to do so as we learn from these incidents and as we move forward, we are committed to a safe, secure workplace for all our team members,” the company said in a statement.

“As the site continues to grow, we will continue making changes to our processes and policies to better protect our employees and our brand,” the statement added.