Hackers dump Jcrew factory tow packages

Hacker News users have discovered a new malware payload that has been dubbed “Jcrew Factory Package” in a new exploit.

The payload is installed as a .wma file, which is a compressed file that contains the Jcrew logo and a file name in the .wmp format.

The file name is not specific, but can be used to install malware or any other malicious file.

The malware is loaded in the first line of the WAV file and is then executed on the device.

The .wmas file has been leaked online and the download is only available for Windows and Mac OS X machines.

The malicious file is installed by the malware authors, and the files can be found on GitHub.

The payloads instructions are included in the download, which also includes an obfuscated .exe file.

Jcrew is known to be under fire from hackers for its handling of customer data.

The company has been targeted by ransomware in the past.