Why do you want to open a candy factory?

A Melbourne-based food packaging factory is seeking to open up shop in a small Queensland town to provide more employment for local people.

Key points:The business, called Food Emporium, plans to set up shop at St James’ Road, in Northcote, within the next three monthsThe business plans to produce a range of products including sweets, baked goods and moreFood Emporio said the company’s business model would allow it to attract new customers, improve its quality and support local businesses.

“We believe our brand is unique and we are looking for people to help us to grow and grow our business,” CEO Matt McIlwraith said.

“So our focus is to get the business started and to expand as quickly as possible.”

The company, which has the trademark to a brand of candies, has been producing its own goods in the area for about three years.

“Our business model has been quite successful, with about 50 jobs since we opened in September 2015,” Mr McIlwrith said, adding that the business was expected to generate more than $500,000 in revenue.

“There’s no other business that is going to do this, it’s really the only business in the world that can do this.”

He said the business would start production in the next couple of months.

“It’s going to be about a three-month window and we’re hoping to get our first batch of sweets out in the end of February,” Mr McKimlin said.

Food Emporea has been operating in the Northcotes area since July last year.

“The whole area is full of local businesses that need help and we think it’s a great opportunity for us to provide that,” Mr McLynnon said.

Mr McIlwlyn said the town was already home to a large food packaging business, with an opening planned for the local food market, and that he hoped to open an outlet there.

“That’s the first place that we’re looking for a local business to come into,” he said.

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