A look at some of the best deals from the week in gaming

It’s almost like the best gaming deals we’ve seen this year are all pretty random, but that’s exactly what they are.

We’ve covered some pretty crazy deals this year, but we’re only looking at the craziest of them.

We’re also going to take a look at the best hardware deals that are in stores right now.

We know that the PlayStation 4 is going to be on sale this week, and it looks like Sony’s going to sell out of the system for a good long while.

We are still waiting on a confirmation on when this is going on, but the first few weeks of pre-orders for the PS4 are pretty great.

Here are some of our favorites:It’s not a deal for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a look.

We were able to snag the PSVR Bundle for $399.99 with a free PlayStation VR headset, PS4 Pro, and two free games, Ghost Recon Wildlands and The Last Guardian.

That’s $100 off the regular price, which is great, and we were able a free PS VR headset as well.

The PS4 is still going for a whopping $999, which was a bit steep for a game like Ghost Recon, but if you’re willing to wait for the next-gen console, you might be able to get some of this.

The PS4 Bundle is available in stores starting at 4pm ET on Wednesday, February 19.