Trump orders new probe into China water bottling factory, roshan package factory

Trump ordered a new probe of a water bottler in Saudi Arabia and an Iranian shipping company that manufactures packages for a Russian oligarch’s family in a wide-ranging probe that has put the spotlight on a key American ally and a trade dispute.

The Department of Justice announced Thursday that it will take action against a Chinese company and an unnamed Iranian shipping firm for shipping goods to the United States, which Trump has called a “currency manipulator.”

The probe, the first under Trump, is the latest chapter in a months-long investigation that has targeted Chinese and Iranian officials who help fund terror groups like the Islamic State group, according to U.S. officials.

Trump’s order requires the Justice Department to look into the companies and companies that handle their shipping through the United Arab Emirates, which is a U.A.E. member, and the Iranian company that is based in Dubai, according, according a copy of the order obtained by The Associated Press.

The investigation is one of several Trump has launched to probe alleged trade practices, which he has called an “economic war” and one of the most “destructive” threats facing the United State.

Trump, who has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of the United Nations, has called for an investigation of China’s alleged human rights abuses, and has called Iran a currency manipulator.

Iran is one American ally in the Middle East that has faced a wave of violence in recent years.

The new probe could increase pressure on the U.N. Security Council to rein in Iran, which has threatened to retaliate against U.U.S.-Iran ties over the nuclear deal that lifted economic sanctions in exchange for a partial lifting of many U.C. Davis restrictions on Iran.