Which SCG Players Should You Follow?

It’s time to answer that question with some quick thoughts on which players to follow.

I’ll do my best to be as specific as possible, but I’m not going to delve too deeply into the details of each player’s development.

For starters, if you’re a casual SCG player, I’d be very hesitant to go with a player like Seeker because of the high risk of his being “overpowered”.

There’s just not a ton of value in him.

However, I think there’s enough to like about the rest of the pack to consider picking him up.

In terms of his strengths, he’s a very solid mid-range attacker with a great deal of versatility.

His ability to deal with multiple decks in the same game can be a huge asset for a player with little experience in that format.

If you have an idea of what you want from a card, and are comfortable drafting with Seeker, I suggest that you stick with him.

His only downside is that he’s pretty inconsistent.

I’ve played a few games against him, and I don’t think he has the most consistent game.

His consistency in this deck, and his lack of consistency in others, make him a risky pick at best.

If Seeker were in your top-tier deck, though, I can see him doing well.

He has an incredibly powerful curve, with tons of ways to disrupt your opponent’s board and potentially take a game off of you.

He can make your life a little more difficult with the threat of a counter or two, and that’s when you can use him to great effect.

He’s not as strong against control as he is against midrange, but if you have a plan in place to take the game, he can be an absolute beast.

In fact, Seeker is the only SCG card I would take out of this pack if I had a deck that was built around him.

If that deck doesn’t exist, you could consider playing something else.

If I had an interesting plan for this format, I would have Seeker in it.

However I don, and the card is not a part of that plan.

I will say that if Seeker had a strong deck, it would be interesting to see what the other two cards in this pack could do.

Theres no doubt that Seeker can help you if you don’t have the time or resources to play him, but his impact is very minimal.

You don’t need a lot of other people to play this card, you just need a couple of solid guys to get the job done.

Overall, I don’s Seeker has a lot going for him, although his inconsistency and risk of losing his power level to countermagic makes him a bit of a risky choice.

If this were a casual player, he could be a solid pick.

If a casual, midrange deck existed, I wouldn’t mind Seeker.

If not, I might take him out of the deck.

Budget version of Seeker: