What you need to know about Chinese tea packaging factory in the U.S.

The tea packaging and packing factory in suburban Los Angeles that was shuttered after months of shutdown has returned to work, and it’s bringing a new product line to the United States.

The new tea line is being developed by Huiyang, the same Chinese conglomerate that owns and operates tea packaging giant Teabag, and the plant is being built in the Los Angeles area to meet rising demand for its teas.

“This plant is a big part of the future of packaging in the United State, and we are excited to bring this product to the U, especially since we have a long history of providing tea to our customers in the market,” said Chris Wilson, chairman of Huiyong’s tea unit.

Huiyang is building the new plant in an area of suburban Los Angles with offices and warehouse space on the outskirts of the city.

The facility is part of a broader effort to build an expanding supply chain for Huiyun products in the country.

The company has been shipping its teabags to the West Coast for more than 20 years, and is the biggest tea distributor in the world.

The company is also expanding its production of other products, including teas made with local ingredients, according to the company.

It recently announced plans to invest $200 million to expand its teapot production capacity.

“In order to help ensure the continued expansion of its supply chain, Huiyin is also partnering with the U-Haul Corporation and the Upland Partnership, which are both growing brands and expanding their global distribution and warehousing capabilities,” the company said in a statement.

The plant is also adding another capacity to the production line, where it plans to produce more than 500,000 teas annually.

Huiyen is also building a new factory to manufacture a brand of teapots that are currently made in China.

The tea facility also is bringing a brand new line of tea cups to the market, which will include green tea, black tea and black tea with green tea flavor.

It will be available for purchase in stores, restaurants and at tea distribution centers nationwide.

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