Nuboun Sells Its First Package Made of Plastic and Nubs

The Nuboupons is a small, yet innovative, Chinese e-commerce company that is trying to take over the consumer packaged goods industry.

They are offering the first package made of plastic and nubs, but it will be limited to a limited number of customers and only at the local Nuboonsom packaging plant.

Nuboonzom, a subsidiary of Nubouzom Group, said it is using a “new manufacturing process” that allows them to produce their first package.

They expect the product to be available to the public in mid-May.

The Nubsom package is also made of a different plastic and the company hopes to have a more versatile version in the future.

The company is not the only one that is thinking about getting into the plastics and nuboun space.

They recently partnered with a Japanese company called Ginkgo to produce plastic, metal, glass, and glass fiber packaging.

They also plan to launch a line of polyethylene containers.

Nubsim is one of a handful of companies in China that have a plastic packaging plant that can produce more than one product.

The other companies are based in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and the U.S.

The company also said that it is going to invest $5 million into its manufacturing capabilities.

The first production of the Nubooonsom package will take place in the spring.

NUBONOM, a small company, has over 500 employees in Shenzhen.

The group has over $40 million in annual revenue, according to its website.

Nubi, a Japanese conglomerate, has about 700 employees in the city of Suzhou.

The rest of the company’s factories are in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The deal is the latest in a string of moves by Chinese ecommerce companies that have been gaining steam in recent years.

They have also gained momentum as companies like Alibaba and Tencent, which make products and services that have historically been difficult for Western companies to compete with, have started to expand.

Nuboon is the second-largest private-equity company in China, with $2.2 billion in market capitalization, according the S&P 500 index.

The conglomerate has been in the news in recent months after the government banned the purchase of companies that make products with the word “Nubou” in their names.

The ban was set to last until January, but has been extended through the end of June.

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