Intel’s new chip maker may offer 2-in-1 PC and tablet platforms as part of $6B deal with HP

The maker of the popular Intel Atom processors is looking to tap into the growing market for tablet PCs and smartphone-based tablets.

Intel’s new Atom chips have helped drive growth in the tablet and smartphone markets, particularly in Asia.

But the company is also looking to sell its own products to a wider audience, and is in talks with HP about selling its tablet line as part, Axios has learned.

The chip maker will reportedly offer two tablet platforms, Intel Atom x5, a $6 billion (about $5.8 billion) chip that includes the Intel Core M processor, and Intel Atom X3, which is based on the company’s current Atom processor, which it is selling to a number of other vendors.

The Atom X5 is a smaller version of the current Atom x4 processor, a chip that has seen strong growth in China.

The Intel Atom platform is aimed at tablets and smartphones.

But Intel has been slowly scaling up its tablet offerings to include more powerful devices like the Intel i5-8250U processor.

The Atom x3 chip is intended to be a cheaper alternative to the current Intel Atom processor for a number more devices, including tablets, laptops, and desktops.

Intel said the Atom x6 chips are aimed at more mainstream use, such as phones and tablets, but the company has yet to detail how it plans to do that.

The Intel Atom lineup is already widely available in the form of a series of tablet processors, including the Intel Atom i5 and the Intel Xeon Phi.

The company’s Atom line is aimed squarely at the mainstream market, but it is also used in more high-end devices, such the $1,100 Asus ZenBook Pro, the $2,400 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, and the $5,400 Acer Aspire S, all of which are priced above $1.2 million.

Intel has also been quietly working on a smaller Atom platform that is designed to run on mobile phones and other devices.

The company is in the process of making this smaller Atom based on its upcoming 10nm FinFET process, which promises to lower costs and improve power efficiency.

Intel Atom x7 is aimed more at high-performance laptops, but also phones and tablet devices.

It is priced at $1 million or more, and has a 15W TDP, similar to the Core i5 chip.

Intel is also planning to sell a smaller chip, called the Atom X7e, that is aimed mainly at smartphones.

That chip, which Intel is selling at $800, will include Intel’s Atom i7 processor.

Intel did not provide specific details on how much the chipmaker is looking for in its tablet and phone deals, but said it has been negotiating with other companies and is talking with HP and others.

The acquisition would also make Intel a key partner in the growing smartphone market, as well as the new tablet market.

Intel has invested heavily in mobile processors and has long been the leading chipmaker for smartphone chips.

The move could be good for Intel’s future plans to become more dominant in tablet markets as more people start using their smartphones and tablets on the go, analysts said.

Intel shares rose 3% to $2.27 on Thursday.