The most expensive clothing packaging factory in the world

A company in the US has set its sights on a global supply chain that supplies clothing and accessories.

The company, New Era Inc., said it was investing $20 million to expand its packaging manufacturing facility in South Korea.

The expansion is part of a larger expansion plan to create a $2 billion apparel industry.

The US-based company, based in South Dakota, has been expanding its production facilities in order to reach a higher volume of clothes and accessories in a timely fashion.

The move to expand is part, the company said, of its global strategy.

“We want to make the clothing that we want to buy, and the accessories that we need, at the right time,” New Era President Scott Poynter said in a statement.

The clothing industry has become a major target for US apparel exporters as demand for high-end items such as watches, watches, and luxury watches continues to grow.

But in the past, it has faced stiff competition from cheaper alternatives that use a different manufacturing process.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed in 1994 and allowed free trade between the US and Mexico, Canada, and Mexico.

But the agreement has had its share of criticism and has sparked a backlash from manufacturers and suppliers.

Companies have complained that NAFTA has hurt their manufacturing operations and pushed up prices for consumers.

The TPP would open up new markets to US apparel companies by eliminating many barriers that have prevented their products from reaching consumers.

New Era said it is investing $5.6 billion in its apparel manufacturing facility, with the expansion plan expected to increase to $10.6bn by 2021.

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