Agar packaging factory kills 20 workers, injures dozens more at Malaysia factory

Anagar packaging manufacturing factory in Malaysian Indonesia was reportedly involved in a series of deadly attacks on employees and other workers in the company’s factory.

The company is currently being investigated by the Indonesian authorities, as are many other Malaysian companies.

Agar was once an American-owned company, but it sold its shares in 2015 to a Chinese company.

In March of this year, a team of Indonesian investigators were sent to the Malaysi company’s headquarters to inspect its facility.

According to local media reports, investigators found signs of serious violence at the facility.

The team, which included Indonesian police, found signs that workers had been beaten with clubs and metal bars, and the company was planning to close the factory.

One worker was reported to have been stabbed with a kitchen knife.

A group of workers reportedly had to be carried away by police after they were arrested.

“The workers were injured in their faces and mouths,” the head of the Indonesian police office told the Jakarta Post.

“They were injured with sharp objects.

One of them is a woman with a severe facial injury and a head injury.”

Workers were also allegedly forced to remove their shoes and socks in a protest.

Indonesian police reportedly arrested a number of employees and employees of Agar, including the company president, before the raid on the factory and the subsequent raid on its office.

The police report claims that the company, which manufactures packaging for many other Indonesian companies, was planning a takeover of its Indonesian factory, and that they had a plan to make sure it would be successful.

According the report, “Agar employees were planning to use the [Malaysian] factory to create a factory for Agar products.”

Authorities also claim that a number have been arrested for their roles in the attacks.

“We are currently investigating all of them,” Anagars head of security, Suleyman Jee, told the BBC.

“There are many, many cases of violence against workers in Indonesia.”

Indonesian police were also reportedly investigating a group of Indonesian students who were allegedly involved in the attack on the Agar plant.

According a report from the Associated Press, “Police detained about a dozen students who went to the factory to protest the factory’s closure.”

Authorities are currently searching for more people who were there and have also arrested three of the students.

The Indonesian news outlet reports that they are currently being questioned by the police.

A source from Agar told the Associated the company is considering taking the matter to the Indonesian government.

“If we are not satisfied, we will seek legal action to seek compensation,” the source said.

According one of the arrested students, he was forced to leave his job at the Agras plant after his colleagues accused him of having a drug problem.

He was allegedly caught with a bag of drugs.

“I felt really scared and I didn’t know what to do,” he told the AP.

“My family is scared of me.”

The factory, located in Malacca province, was the third Agar facility to be shut down in Indonesia in the past year.

Last month, the factory in Java province was also closed, but the factory had not been used for months due to a lack of workers.

The Jakarta Post reports that Indonesian police have also been investigating a local company called Agrasa, which is accused of running the Aagar plant and employing more than 50 workers.

According To The Jakarta Times, the police have been investigating the Aagar plant and the Aaggedas employees.

The report says that the investigation has reportedly taken about three months, but that authorities have yet to determine who was involved in these attacks.

Anagaran is not the only company that has been implicated in deadly workplace violence.

In June of this, the Indonesian Supreme Court found that a Malaysian company, Kansan Jalan Group, had engaged in “illegal” work conditions and that it was responsible for the deaths of six workers and a number, including two children, in a factory in Kalimantan.

In December of last year, it was reported that a local Malaysian company had opened a factory to make clothing in the country.

According an Associated Press report, the government has also been involved in several attacks against Indonesian workers.

Indonesian media reports have reported that police were reportedly able to arrest an employee of a factory that is accused by Indonesian police of running a factory of forced labor in Kaliamangan province.

A spokesperson for the Kaliaman State Police said the employee was arrested and taken to the Kaliman Police Department, where he was detained.

The Kaliamangan State Department of Labor and Employment has reportedly launched an investigation into the alleged incidents.

According AP, “The police did not provide the exact number of workers that were arrested or the charges against the suspects.

Kaliamatan State Police spokesperson Surya Gomchai told The Jakarta Globe that the case is being investigated in accordance